Current Cannabis (Marijuana) Laws In Canada

Cannabis (marijuana) currently remains a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, and, unless otherwise regulated for production and distribution for medical purposes, is subject to offences under that Act. Possessing and selling marijuana for non-medical purposes is still illegal everywhere in Canada. The current Canadian Federal Government has made a commitment to changing marijuana laws in Canada, however until new legislation and rules are in place current laws are still in place and should be obeyed. The Government is expected to table new cannabis laws in the Spring. In the meantime, GreenWay is committed to following the current laws.

Requirements For Purchasing / Delivery Of Medical Cannabis Products

With the current Canadian marijuana laws in place customers coming into our storefront to purchase any of our cannabis products will be required to possess and show proof of a legal medical marijuana license along with one piece of photo ID to confirm identity before a sale can be completed.

GreenWay understands that many debilitating illnesses can cause accessibility issues for patients. With this in mind GreenWay will soon be offering a home delivery service. Prior to a home delivery of any of our cannabis products the customer must provide a photocopy / picture of both, their medical marijuana license and one piece of photo ID. If placing an order by phone these requirements must already be in place with GreenWay prior to the order being filled.

The photocopy / picture of the marijuana license and ID must be legible in order for the order to be processed. Both proofs will be verified by our staff upon delivery and product will only be left with the individual identified in the required proofs – no exceptions are permitted. Deliveries will be made in a nondescript vehicle to protect the privacy of patients.

If you have any questions in regard to these requirements please feel free to contact any of our staff for clarification.